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Stalker's Top Ten 2010: Mark Buckley's Wish List

10FSReel.jpgThe Stalker's Top Tens continue here on Filmstalker, and there are only a few left to go, however it really isn't too late to get yours in. 2010 only finished eleven days ago, that's just five or six (depending on your holidays) working days ago. 2010 is not dead yet, especially when it comes to finding out about your opinions.

Next up is Mark Buckley, you might know him from his famous photography site, we at Filmstalker know him for his great work on the Audiocast, his unrelenting personal attacks on my film choices, and his deep voice. His Top Ten is all about what he wishes last year had held.

It's another great idea for a list from Mark, and I dare you to come up with an idea as good as Mark's or Matt's (see the previous Stalker's Top Ten lists), but before we get to it, here's how to get your list submitted.

Just create a list, add at least a sentence explanation about each entry, how you'd like to be known on the published article along with a site link, and email it to me at topten@filmstalker.co.uk.

Okay, let's see what Mark's list has to offer, apart from an excellent photography service. Over to you Mark.

My wish list.

I wish Watchmen (Filmstalker review) hadn't been so bloody good.
No, really. Without a doubt my fave film of the past 5 years. Yeah I saw it twice at the IMAX, and told everyone I knew to go and see it.

Then the DVD came, and I thought, 'You know what, I'll watch it maybe a couple of times'.

I've watched at least two or three times a month. The thing is, each viewing the film just gets better, and better. I'm noticing stuff going on in the back ground, the details of the actors performances, and the nods to the original comic. Some of the frames are perfect replications of the comic panels, its just amazing. All that from a film that people said couldn't be filmed.

I actually opted out of seeing new flicks at the cinema because of it. That can't be good.


I wonder what Superman will be like?

I wish that my hero's wouldn't do adverts.
Come on, you can't need the money! Or the 'brand exposure' come to that. (Clooney I'm mainly looking at you here)

I wish that Toy Story 3 (Filmstalker review) wasn't the last one.
Took the nipper to see it, 4 years old, sat in a cinema gripped.

While her dad sat there in tears. I then looked around, yep, most of the other dads were in tears too.

Surely this run of films, makes it the best trilogy. There isn't a missed beat in the 3 films, each one adds to the characters, the story arc, and with the third the emotion. Just about perfect.

Actually, stop at 3.

I wish that film companies would stop moaning about illegal downloads.
The simple fact is that the business model that studios use is outmoded. As I see it, there are a couple of things going on here:

1. The experience between going to the flicks and sitting at home is getting smaller. You can sit in your lounge, with cinema quality sound and visuals for not much outlay now. Let folks access the material how they choose. ITunes [and other music download services of which there are many - Richard] has shown that there is a business there, if its done correctly from the start.

2. What is it with the gap between US and UK releases? Its starting to happen more and more that the movies I want to watch are released in the US on DVD at the same time they hit the cinemas here. I've got a US iTunes account, so I'll download the flick off iTunes and watch it.

I'm not surprised that folks hit up the torrent sites to see stuff before it hits the screens, use a universal release date worldwide.

Instead of moaning, just do something about it!

I wish that 3D would (semi) go away.
Look, its 3D. I get it.

What I don't get is why every film has to be done in 3D. Some just aren't suitable.

There are some that work though, namely, Jackass 3D and Piranha 3D.

But Shrek Forever After, Toy Story 3 (Filmstalker review) etc etc, there isn't any need. They really didn't add anything to the experience.

I wish that people had to stick to the Wittertainment Code Of Conduct while in the Cinema.
Seriously, it should be the law. If you don't, you should be locked in a shed with that Gillian McKieth specimen.

I wish that the iPad had a HD screen.
Nearly apple, nearly. But why is my iPhone higher res than the iPad? It is the perfect movie watching machine, really. Its just that the resolution is a bit rubbish.

That said though, its a fab bit of kit.

Make it HD please.

I wish that I'd had the time to see all of the flicks I wanted at the movies.
God, its been a good year for films, but how did I miss some of the films that I'd said from the start I was going to see, no matter what.

The Town (Filmstalker review), Inception (Filmstalker review), The American, The A-Team (Filmstalker review) plus loads of others. Missed. Bummer.

I wish that time hadn't been up for...
So many people this year, but the key ones for me personally were:

Corey Haim
Dennis Hopper
Lionel Jeffries
Leslie Neilsen

To name a few.

I wish that the best film of next year is...

Its the one film that I am really excited about. Although will Pegg and Frost miss Edgar? Judging from the trailer, probably not!

Also deserving of a mention are Red State, Sucker Punch, Cowboys & Aliens and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. Oh, and Piranha 3DD.

But there is no need for the remake machine to continue. Footloose - really?

Mark, excellent list. I really enjoyed that. Written with genuine passion too. I'm also glad that we agree on paper much more than we do in the audiocast, I'm sure you're just being controversial on there and love winding me up!

If you'd like to see the other Top Ten lists from previous years, head over to the Stalker's Top Tens page.

There's still plenty of time to see your 2010 list online, here's the email link again, topten@filmstalker.co.uk, and the instructions are above. Get to it.



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