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The Dark Tower casting rumours

NaomieHarris.jpgEver since we heard about Stephen King series The Dark Tower rights being bought for film we've been hearing rumours about casting, and more interestingly we've been hearing readers casting preferences, and while mine still remain Stephen Moyer there are many other great suggestions out there.

However the first rumour from within the industry that seems to have the slightest bit of weight to it is for the character of Odetta Holmes, and it is a huge, big, mammoth rumour that is just mentioned in a rumour heavy story. So be wary.

Saying that though, the rumour for the actress is rather interesting and one I could see taking up the part with gusto and delivering a perfect performance.

Naomie Harris is a great actress that really can deliver a strong character and has delivered a few that share characteristics with Odetta Holmes from The Dark Tower. While this is a mammoth rumour, it's an interesting one.

The rumour comes from the New York Post through ShockTillYouDrop and it simply states that:

Pirates of the Caribbean beauty Naomie Harris is being considered for the female lead in the Ron Howard's eagerly anticipated Dark Tower trilogy.

That's it. Nothing to back that up, just that she's being considered. Great choice though, and I think she could deliver the strength and venom of the character well. I personally really like that suggestion what about you?



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