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The Dark Tower lead chosen?

TheDarkTower.jpgWell with the usual rumours comes the story that perhaps the lead has already been chosen for the huge adaptation of Stephen King's The Dark Tower. Apparently an actor has been offered the role of Roland Deschain in The Dark Tower adaptation that could well mean three films and three television series. An epic adaptation.

Has there been an epic casting though? I'm still uncertain. Looking at the name and thinking of his previous work I'm not convinced, but perhaps there's something there that I haven't yet seen to connect him with my personal view of Roland.

The news is that Akiva Goldsman has already completed a script for the first film and is looking to the first television series script already, and that both Ron Howard and those at Universal have offered the leading role in The Dark Tower to Javier Bardem.

The role that is being mentioned as the one that clinched it is No Country for Old Men (Filmstalker review), and I can indeed see that in his demeanour of the character, but I don't think it's quite Roland, more human Terminator than Gunslinger. However Deadline is saying he's the one that's been offered the lead.

It means a film and television series deal for the actor, both of which will be scripted by Akiva Goldsman and directed by Ron Howard, and then the actor and the rest of the cast will be handed onto a new creative team to continue the adventure for a total of three films with television series bridging the gaps.

You know I've just thought that they're going to have to pull a couple of books in together, otherwise the end of the series will be on a television run and not a film, something I'm sure the studio wouldn't want if the calibre is kept high throughout and the box office takings stay high.

Anyway, it would appear that Roland is to be Javier Bardem, unless he says no to the rather lengthy deal he would be tying himself in to.

I'm sure he'll pull it off, after all these people are actors, they play different roles, who are we to believe that there are only one or two choices of actor who could play the Gunslinger Roland? He's not an overly complex character is he? My perfect casting for the role was still Stephen Moyer, but I have to admit that Bardem is a cracking actor.

Is Bardem your Roland?



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