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The Housemaid trailer

TheHousemaid.jpgWhen I saw the words "erotic thriller" I was pretty much turned off, but when there wasn't too much to interest this morning and I was taking a chance on some other trailers that paid off, I thought I might give the Korean trailer for The Housemaid a go.

I was surprised. Sure there's going to be a sexual story in there but what caught me were the number of quotes from rather well known names on the trailer saying how strong the film was. Erotic maybe, but it seems as though thriller is the part in capitals and bold in that phrase.

The film is seeing a rather limited release in America and then being released on various film networks, it's not looking promising, but perhaps it's one to watch out for on your local streaming, download or rental store.

Here's the blurb for The Housemaid:

THE HOUSEMAID is a stylish, sexy thriller about an innocent young woman caught in the twisted web of a rich family's games. Eun-yi (Cannes Best Actress winner Jeon Do-youn of SECRET SUNSHINE) is hired as a nanny in an lavish mansion by businessman Hoon (Lee Jung-jae) and his very pregnant wife, Hae-ra (Seo Woo). When Eun-yi is seduced by the father of the house, she becomes the unwitting victim in a series of traps laid by the women of the house-Hae-ra, her villainous mother (Park Ji-young), and their seemingly loyal but increasingly bitter housekeeper (Yun Yeo-jong). Intensely erotic and fiendishly entertaining, THE HOUSEMAID builds to an unforgettable climax as Eun-yi must outwit them and escape their schemes to protect her sanity-and her life-from the vicious family.

It actually sounds quite a bit more than the erotic thriller you would expect from the west, that's much more breasts and bosoms than thriller, here it seems to be the other way around, or rather it's an adult thriller in the proper sense of the word.

There are some great visuals in the trailer too and the choice of music is superb.

I wonder, is this a remake of the 1960 film The Housemaid from Ki-young Kim? There's a strong connection between the two in more than title alone.

Here's the new trailer through AITH which you can also see on Apple Trailers:

Here's an older version of the trailer I found:



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