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The Other Woman or Love and Other Impossible Pursuits trailer online

TheOtherWoman.jpgWhile most will be talking about Natalie Portman in The Other Woman or Love and Other Impossible Pursuits as it's also known, I'm going to kick off by talking about Lisa Kudrow. She's going where other Friends stars have tried and either succeeded and walked away from or just plain failed. She's doing something dramatic and not very funny.

It's hard to tell from this trailer if it's worked out or not for her, but The Other Woman does look like an interesting film, and a strong one to offset the other films that Portman will be associated with this year.

The story sees a woman played by Natalie Portman falling for a married man played by Scott Cohen, marrying him, growing close to his young son and having a child with him. However the child dies soon after and she has to struggle with this terrible loss, the pressure from the ex-wife played by Lisa Kudrow, and the difficulties of trying to get close to her stepson.

The Other Woman, or Love and Other Impossible Pursuits, didn't really see much of a release back in 2010 with just Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan at the end of the year. Originally it hit some festivals and was released on Italian television, but nothing more. At the start of this year it's being released on video on demand and will receive a small release in America next month as well as Spain in April, after that who knows.

It is strange to think that a film with Portman and Kudrow isn't going to get much more of a release than this, but perhaps it's just going to take time. It is a slightly different role for both female leads though and the trailer does look rather emotionally strong.

This trailer was released just before Hogmanay (that's the 31st of December for you non-Scottish people out there!) and it was very much under the radar. However now the film from writer and director Don Roos is getting some notice, and perhaps it's going to get a bigger audience too.

See if you think it deserves it:



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