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The Tunnel trailer screams Blair Witch

TheTunnel.jpgIt's not a bad thing that films copy the lost footage idea, and it's an idea that comes before The Blair Witch Project and even the earlier The Last Broadcast, and it's certainly not one that's going to get old. However any film employing the style really needs to find its own footing, and perhaps The Tunnel might just do that.

It's an Australian version of the idea with a film crew heading into the underground tunnels beneath Sydney’s St James Train Station. The story sees the New South Wales government do a complete u-turn on the plan to utilise the water resources in this large underground tunnel complex, a sudden and unexplained move. That prompts a news crew to head into the tunnels and investigate.

The film sees the crew after the fact looking back through the footage of their journey and discussion what really happened down there and why the government turned away from such a water resource.

The Tunnel is a horror from director Carlo Ledesma and stars Bel Deliá, Andy Rodoreda and Steve Davis, no not the snooker player!

The trailer does look pretty interesting, although there are strong influences from The Blair Witch Project, setting this film in a tunnel complex is going to illicit the fear of the house scenes from Blair Witch, the sequences of the film that were the most terrifying, although most terrifying after the strong build up.

I wonder how different this film will be and how well it will stand up, the trailer certainly looks interesting.



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