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There Be Dragons trailer evolves

ThereBeDragons.jpgWhen I look back on the first trailer I saw for Roland Joffé's There Be Dragons I'm amazed that now it looks so good, and it really does show the evolution of a trailer when time and money is injected into it.

The film stars Charlie Cox, Wes Bentley, Dougray Scott and Olga Kurylenko in a story that starts from the Spanish Civil War and ends in a journalist investigating a candidate for canonisation, the leading light of Opus Dei, Josemaria Escriva.

Here's a fuller blurb for the film There Be Dragons:

London-based investigative journalist Robert Torres (Dougray Scott), who visits Spain to research a book about Josemaría Escrivá (Cox), the controversial founder of Opus Dei. But Robert hits a wall, both professionally and personally, when his most promising source-his own father, Manolo Torres (Bentley), turns out to be his least cooperative one. Robert begins to unearth his father's toxic secrets when he learns that Manolo was not only born in the same Spanish town as Josemaría, but that they were childhood friends and attended the same seminary. The two men take radically different paths in life, with Josemaría dedicating his life to his faith while Manolo is swept into the brutal and tumultuous Spanish Civil War. Manolo descends into a dangerous and jealous obsession when the beautiful Hungarian revolutionary Ildiko (Olga Kurylenko) doesn't return his affections and instead gives herself to the courageous military leader, Oriol (Rodrigo Santoro).

As Robert continues to unearth the secrets of Josemaría's life and Manolo's mysterious anger, their overlapping journeys are revealed with the truths and sorrows of their past choices, which compels Manolo to confront his own secret with one last opportunity of forgiveness

It's an interesting story, a good cast and a strong director, so could There Be Dragons turn out to be any good? Well I'm sure there's going to be controversy considering it's about the creator of Opus Dei being made into a saint and the opening titles on that trailer which say "inspired by true events", a more tenuous connection to an actual real life story can't be found in cinema these days.

However the trailer does look rousing, strong and bold in places, following two men who are clearly going in very opposite directions, even though both began fighting together for their beliefs in the Spanish Civil War.



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