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TRON: Legacy the sequel?

TronLegacy.jpgThere's some rumour and conjecture about a possible sequel to TRON: Legacy (Filmstalker review), and while there's nothing concrete, there's enough to start talking about and get the juices flowing.

However a lot of people writing about the potential sequel are also commenting on how surprised they are that there could be one and that they didn't think a sequel would happen. I find that very strange, the film was good and well deserving of a sequel.

In fact I wonder if I just missed a portion of my life there, for I really wasn't aware that the film was so negatively looked upon, after all I don't think I've heard a comment that would suggest they should ignore a sequel.

TRON: Legacy left itself open in a number of ways, although it also managed to deliver a pretty well contained story that didn't feel areas hadn't been addressed, so why wouldn't there be a sequel? Especially since the ending gave us one big possible way forward.

Before we see a sequel though there will be a television series called TRON: Uprising, filling time until a potential sequel, although as yet there's no understanding of if the series will provide a bridge to the next film, in fact I as far as I knew the television show was going to be pretty much a standalone entity.

The first rumour comes from AICN through Moviehole, and Blastr where they suggest that...

...Disney is beginning to realize, TRON could be a franchise.

Personally I don't believe that Disney have just realised that they could have a franchise on their hands. Did they invest all this money, direct marketing and cross marketing on a film that was going to be standalone, and if they did why did they get a film that delivered such a strong sequel potential in the story?

AICN has more rumour:

There is a plan, but it is being closely guarded. There's a TV show in the works to keep the brand popping till the next Theatrical run, but it looks like us TRON geeks won't be having to sit around for 28 years hanging onto this last one, like we did the first one.

Queue conjecture about what could happen next. Look, there's a complete TRON universe created with its own rules all ready to be exploited and there are a couple of key areas that have been left open, apart from the whole idea of the digital universe itself.

The first is Sam, the second is Quorra, the third her race, and the fourth the company. Those are the biggies. Others are suggesting that there are six or seven story lines in consideration for the sequel and that they've already secured Cillian Murphy for the film and he'll be playing twin characters.

What? How when they have six possible stories and haven't yet decided them have they signed up a lead actor to play two roles? That's ridiculous. Murphy will be on the usual contract for bigger actors on a film that is a potential sequel (and that's potential from the beginning of the first sequel), he'll have a clause that allows them to pick him up for the next film, he's not going to have just signed for a film that may not happen and currently has six possible story ideas, much less know the characters he'll be playing.

If I am to start thinking about it, and I am, the next film will not go back to the first TRON. TRON: Legacy (Filmstalker review) has moved the story to our current timeline very successfully, it's established new characters, gotten rid of the old, and established itself as the new TRON. The next film is not going to go back on that, it's going to build on it.

With that I reckon we're going to be following the main characters from TRON: Legacy, not main characters from TRON again, that's done with. They may appear as supporting, but the sequel has established a place to build a modern franchise from, that's where Disney will go.



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