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11-11-11 teaser trailer

11-11-11.jpgThe teaser trailer for the Darren Lynn Bousman film 11-11-11 has arrived and it looks okay, although it's not giving away too much it does have some good moments that might make you think of films such as Prince of Darkness.

The teaser trailer doesn't give us much but it does give us a lot more than many other teaser trailers. I'm not sure if Bousman is going to keep delivering strong horror films, but let's hope so and let's hope there's plenty of life away from Saw.

There's not much of a blurb yet for the film but it does tell us that on the 11th day of the 11th month of the 11th year an entity from another realm is going to come to our world through Heaven's 11th gate.

Well that doesn't sound too scary, especially since this is 11-11-2011 and there have been a few 11-11-11's before and nothing's happened. However suspend your disbelief in all things spiritual and supernatural, i.e. without fact, and enter the world of supernatural horror. Seriously, it's a good place especially if you love horror films, and I do.

Could this turn out to be a strong horror film? Have a look at 11-11-11 and see.



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