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2011 Orange BAFTA updates

BAFTA.jpgThere's plenty of BAFTA information in this update on the awards show that's due this Sunday, there's a superb twitter widget that you can use to follow all the goings on in the run up to the awards, a little advert filled with snippets from last year, and a pretty cool picture of Rachel Stevens sporting the Natalie Portman Black Swan look.

It's all happening on the run up to the awards, and you can follow what's being said on Twitter about all the BAFTA nominees with the 2011 Orange BAFTA Flickometer, oh and remember you can vote for the winner of Orange Wednesday Rising Star Award.

First up, let me remind you about the Orange Wednesday Rising Star Award where you can decide the winner. Remember the voting is between Gemma Arterton, Andrew Garfield, Tom Hardy, Aaron Johnson and Emma Stone.

Now not to influence you, but it's clearly between Arterton and Hardy, surely?

Well you can decide and have your say over at the Orange BAFTA site where you can vote for who you think should win the Orange Wednesday Rising Star Award, and whoever gets the most votes wins the award. Really.

Now there are a couple of stunning photos of Rachel Stevens portraying Natalie Portman's look from the excellent Black Swan (Filmstalker review). She's presenting the Orange Wednesdays red carpet show this year the Royal Opera House, and these publicity shots are rather amazing:

Next up, and this is the really good bit, you can follow what's being said on Twitter about the BAFTAs live with the Orange BAFTA Flickometer, everything about the nominees, and it's easy to see at a glance what's leading.

Finally here's a little BAFTA plugging, if there hasn't been enough already, a teaser to all things BAFTA and some video snippets of last year's good stuff.

Now if that hasn't gotten you going for the awards on Sunday, I don't know what can...actually I do, and there's bound to be more on the way!



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