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Another WikiLeaks film? How will they change the truth?

WikiLeaks.jpgNews has come today that there's another WikiLeaks film on the way, a film that will focus on the man behind WikiLeaks, Julian Assange. It's based on the article in the New York Times Magazine called The Boy Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest and Mark Boal is one of the names behind the production. Megan Ellison and Management 360 are also producing.

This adds to a number of suggestions of coming films, documentaries and television shows taht are set to cover the man's life from start to finish and expose some of the exposes that he's been responsible for through the controversial site WikiLeaks.

You should all be aware of the site, where classified and secret documents are revealed to all, with equal amounts of praise and criticism ranging from National Security through to awards for their work.

It's a real mixed bag and it does depend what side of the fence you are on. For me the recent leaks that relate to foreign diplomacy have done no good what so ever, they've harmed foreign relationships and portrayed some diplomats and countries in a very bad light. Then there's some of the information that they've released, particularly about Afghanistan, revealing incidents once kept hidden and revealing the true cost of the war.

It's difficult to say whether more good has been done than bad, and it's also difficult to say whether Julian Assange himself is a good man or a man looking for notoriety. Equally it's impossible to tell whether there's an active campaign against him personally or if the charges that have arisen are true.

The entire story of WikiLeaks and Julian Assange is filled with questions and possible subterfuge, something that makes for a great story and a great film, that's why there's so much focus at the moment.

So Deadline report that the above film is in development, the adaptation of the New York Times Magazine article by Mark Boal, and he's done that well before, but so far he's only producing. If he writes it could turn out to be quite the thriller.

It doesn't stop there though, they also have word that DreamWorks are looking at buying the book from Assange's second in command Daniel Domscheit-Berg entitlted Inside WikiLeaks (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com).

We also hear that and Assange's memoirs themselves are going to be up for grabs soon, and those will be the ones most sought after and which could potentially make for the richest story about the site and the story behind its front man.

There are more though, with documentaries and television films on the go including an Alex Gibney directed documentary and a potential film from a BBC and HBO collaboration. It's fair to say everyone is rushing his way, and why not he's right in the heart of the news right now and the story is still playing out.

However like The Social Network (Filmstalker review) or the Amanda Knox film I do have concerns. Again we're watching films being developed about a story that's actually happening right now, a story that is affecting a number of people's lives, one that has allegedly put soldiers lives at risk and will continue to do so if more revelations arrive, one that is seeing an active court case against Assange. Events are happening to people right now that could be affected by a film released to the general public, and if it tells only part of the story, if it is made before all the story comes to light, what effect does that have on history?

There are a lot of important questions there to be asked, but perhaps there will be time for the stories to play out before the films get made. Mind you if all these companies see all the other films racing for completion you know they are going to race to be the first, but will there be a best, will there be one that's right?



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