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Arthur remake trailer

Arthur.jpgI'm still trying to digest the trailer I've just seen for the remake of Arthur, and I'm really not sure. Some lines made me giggle, and some didn't, and overall I'm really not sure. The overriding factor of this trailer seems to be that Arthur is a one man show for Russell Brand being, well, Russell Brand.

Honestly I'm really struggling to find something to say about it other than chart the plot and the actors in the film, oh I could mention the slightly offensive joke in it about French and Germans, or one of the moments I laughed such as the magnet bed, but...

Arthur is played by Russell Brand, he's a man set to inherit his parent's fortune and has been living with wealth all his life. They want him to marry Susan Johnson, played by Jennifer Garner, which frankly is no hardship at all, but he's actually fallen in love with Linda Marolla, played by Greta Gerwig. So he gets cut off from his fortune and he's forced to find his own way in life. Of course cut off is not really the word as he has his trusty servant close at hand, Hobson played by Helen Mirren.

In the original Arthur Hobson was originally played by John Gielgud with Dudley Moore playing Arthur and Liza Minnelli playing Linda. There's a comparable cast there, and the choice of Mirren is I think rather inspired, and choosing Gerwig is another fine choice. However I'm just not sure about the trailer and the film as a whole.

Why don't I leave it up to you, here's the trailer through The Hollywood Reporter.



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