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Closed: Win: Animal Kingdom tickets and win an iPad

AnimalKingdom.jpgNow this is a great prize, not only can you get tickets to see an exclusive screening of Animal Kingdom, but once you've seen it, you get the chance to win an iPad.

What's more this isn't a competition that's going to see tons of entries, the screenings really are exclusive, and I've been given tickets for one screening up in Aberdeen, and you can have them. Yes, I did say have, not win, have.

The tickets are up for grabs, first come first serve, so if this is a film that you want to see then you'd better get your mitts on them fast. The screening is at the Aberdeen Belmont cinema on Sunday 13th of February at 11am.

You can get your tickets right here in an exclusive deal with Filmstalker.

Here's a little blurb about Animal Kingdom to get you in the mood:

Starring Guy Pearce (The Proposition, Memento) and the OSCAR-nominated Jacki Weaver, Animal Kingdom is a stunning modern crime thriller of brooding and brutal intensity. Masterfully directed and graced with outstanding performances, the film is being ranked alongside crime classics like A Prophet, The Departed and LA Confidential. Following the death of his mother, the young 'J' Cody goes to live with his estranged gangster relatives. With conflict escalating between his family of criminals and the police's armed robbery division, J finds himself at the centre of a cold-blooded vengeance plot. As he naively navigates his way through the criminal underworld, he is forced to question where his loyalties lie as he tries to decipher who he can trust and who can protect him as he struggles for his own survival. Animal Kingdom won the much-coveted Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival.

The competition is run in conjunction with the excellent ShowFilmFirst, whom I've been lucky enough to see a few early screenings through, and it doesn't just end with the tickets.

Once you've seen the film get yourself on the official Animal Kingdom Facebook Page and submit a one-line review of the film, once you do you'll automatically be in with a chance of winning an Apple iPad, yes you heard that right.

So to recap, cinema tickets for free and then a chance to win an iPad? Oh yes, and all in the city I grew up in. Come on Aberdonians, get entering!



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