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Costner playing Superman’s Dad?

KevinCostner.jpgThe rumours came out yesterday that Kevin Costner was set to take a role in the new Superman film, starring next to Henry Cavill who will be playing Superman, and people started trying to guess who he would be playing, not really hard to do I would have thought.

After all who would he be playing? Would Costner really be playing a bad guy? Don’t be daft.

Of course it wouldn’t be anyone else other than Superman’s father wouldn’t it? That’s what I would think straight off anyway, and it seems that this is the consensus of opinion.

Latino Review have a pesky “insider” to say that this is the very case, although I don’t think it really is a dangerous bet to make.

So this leaves the big question, still, who will be the bad guy of Superman: Man of Steel?

Up to this point the casting of Henry Cavill as Superman has been the biggest sign that this Superman is doing something different, other than Zack Snyder taking the directorial reigns, but there are still so many question marks over the production.

It’s not just the question of who will be the bad guy, but there’s what direction the film will take. It’s pretty clear that the film will move away from the previous image of Superman, the one Christopher Reeves made so iconic and that Brandon Routh and Bryan Singer tried so valiantly to resurrect, after all there’s a tarnished feeling to that Superman now in Hollywood.

While I don’t agree with that, I do think that a few changed would have made Singer’s Superman much better and easier for audiences to take, things have moved on and minds have been made up. While studios are so keen to alter and sequel other films, Superman is beyond that and this is the generation of the reboot.

So while casting is interesting news for the film, what we really want to get a handle on is the core, the tone, what will this new Superman, Superman: Man of Steel, really be like?



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