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Cracks trailer from the Scott family

EvaGreen.jpgEva Green looks like she's going to be playing a bit of a psycho in the film Cracks and it doesn't look like it's just her either. The trailer for the film Cracks doesn't seem to start out that way, but there's a little glimmer of something off-kilter from her early on and by the end of the trailer everyone's rather incensed.

The film is produced by Ridley and Tony Scott, and for good reason as it comes from Jordan Scott, daughter of Ridley.

Cracks was released in the UK and France in 2009, Netherlands, South Korea and Sweden in 2010, and only now reaching the U.S., but I'm rather surprised that I didn't notice this on release in the UK back then. Did you?

The film stars Eva Green, Juno Temple, María Valverde, Imogen Poots and Sinéad Cusack, and from the trailer looks rather interesting, more for where it's going with the character of the teacher. Here's a blurb for the film as well.

In an austere and remote all girls boarding school, the most elite clique of girls are the illustrious members of the schools' diving team, lead by Di (Juno Temple). The girls compete for the attention of their glamorous teacher Miss G (Eva Green), and Miss G in turn thrives on the attention she receives from her girls and believes it is her role to teach them the ways of the world. When a beautiful Spanish girl, Fiamma (Maria Valverde), arrives at the school and joins the diving team. DI, pulls rank as team captain and lays down the rules in an attempt to assert her position but MISS G is spellbound by Fiamma's beauty and maturity and becomes obsessed with her new favourite girl.

I'm surprised there wasn't more made about the release of the film, after all it's got the Scott family behind it, Green leading and looks like it could be a strong film.

You can see the trailer over at Apple Trailers and here's an older trailer from 2009 which is very similar, if not identical.

Did anyone see it over the last few years and is it something worth seeing?



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