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Drive Angry 3D trailer that makes me want to see it!

DriveAngry.jpgI've been comparing Drive Angry 3D to Ghost Rider since I saw the first blurb. I mean it's just like it really. Man escapes hell, goes on killing revenge, devil sends someone after him to get him back, and it stars Nicolas Cage as the angry man who has escaped hell. Throw in a flaming skull and a motorbike.

Until now the trailers for Drive Angry 3D have made me want to go and see something else, and even the casting of William Fichtner and the excellent David Morse hasn't managed to turn me around. I did say until now. Until this trailer.

This new Drive Angry 3D trailer does two things, it realises the level it's playing at and it pitches the 3D without trying to sell it as the "new colour" or other such rubbish. This is throwing things at the screen to make you flinch 3D.

Not only that but it's a pulp film that is about violence, swearing and naked ladies, and we get all that too. Yes, this trailer isn't pulling any punches, this is what Drive Angry 3D is really about. Now it's managed to sell me on it, and if this is what I want to see one weekend, this is what I'll go and see.

You know what? I just might too. Thanks for being honest.

Here's the fun trailer for Drive Angry 3D, which is also an over eighteen trailer for certain, which comes through Latino Review and IGN:



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