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Dylan Dog: Dead of Night finally gets a proper trailer

DylanDogDeadofNight.jpgThere's been a lot of talk about the film Dylan Dog: Dead of Night, but so little return on it. The teasers have been a little dull and seriously lacking in footage from the film, but now there's an Italian trailer on the go and while I don't understand most of it, the images are suggesting this is a male Buffy, and that's no bad thing.

The film comes from director Kevin Munroe and stars Brandon Routh, Sam Huntington, Peter Stormare and Taye Diggs. It tells the story of a supernatural detective called Dylan Dog, a man who seeks out creatures in the Louisiana bayou and sends them back to where they came from.

Now that sounds like a male Buffy to me, and while everything to date promised more style and something more like a lighter Constantine (Filmstalker review), this Italian trailer for Dylan Dog: Dead of Night looks like it's delivering just that, man Buffy. Still, at least Routh can fly...sort of.

You can see the trailer over at Badtaste through Quiet Earth and you can see what you think of the supernatural detective. I'm really hoping that this is just down to the trailer cut and the film has a very different slant, certainly the cast would suggest something more.



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