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Elton John biographical film?

EltonJohn.jpgMusical icons are the target of films, but the problem comes when the production tries to get hold of the rights to their songs and that's when things become difficult.

This doesn't look to be the case with Elton John, for he's talking about his film already and revealing that the script is ready, he even has ideas as to what the style of the film will be. Will Elton be made?

The direction of films like these are usually the opposite way round, production companies are chasing the musical icon or their trust to try and get the rights to their songs in order to write a script for a film, and usually this ends in tears.

The trust or the person themselves want to have involvement in the film, they want more money, or they just don't want someone to portray them in a bad light, and so the rights to the music never get sold and that means no film, for what is a film of a musical legend without their music?

With Elton John he's leaping head first into it, getting a script written under his supervision, while he's alive, and getting it made the way he wants, and with that script he'll be able to get it made on his terms.

Speaking to Chris Evans on BBC Radio 2 through The Guardian he said:

"I'd just like to make a really great film about my life story...We have a great script already by Lee Hall ... It will be more of a fantasy - Moulin Rouge type of stuff. Obviously, it's not going to be your normal, run-of-the-mill film. My life's been so surreal, from buying a football club to God knows what."

That "god knows what" bit involves just about everything someone with his lifestyle could have had, drugs and drink recovery, going from being married to a gay icon, producing successful music throughout the different generations of his career, creating music for musicals and films, and heaping success upon success, and there's the football and now his son.

Surreal may not really be the word, but definitely eventful, Elton John has done just about everything he could in his life and he's come out the other end. Sure enough he's a larger than life personality and can be very unusual off stage, but none the less he's still standing and delivering.

John reveals that the writer of the script is Lee Hall who wrote Billy Elliot and the upcoming War Horse, so there's plenty of talent there to deliver something exciting, and if it's in the style of Moulin Rouge, mixing fantasy with reality through the music, it's going to be rather interesting, mind you wouldn't a dramatic film of his life do just that anyway?

Could this make a good film? I certainly believe it could. There's everything in that life story to make a number of powerful and dramatic films, not just the musical success story.



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