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Fletch remake?

Fletch.jpgOh yes, it's apparently happening, and while so much of Fletch can be accredited directly to Chevy Chase, Warner Bros. seem insistent that they can remake it without him in the lead. Surely it'll be something very similar, just not Fletch?

However, as with a lot of remakes, we'll soon be told that these are going back to the original source and they aren't actually going to be the Fletch we know from the screen. This remake will be going back to the eleven original novels (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) based on the character written by Gregory McDonald which were first published in 1974.

The character of Fletch is a character called I.M. Fletcher who writes exposes while dealing with his troubled personal life fending off two ex-wives, and with eleven of them sitting there with the film rights having just been bought, there could be a few outings for the character.

The Hollywood Reporter points out that this was the only time that a novel has won back to back Edgar Allan Poe Awards from the Mystery Writers of America, whoever they may be - boom boom. The first book and its sequel won the awards, and there was far less comedy than the Fletch we saw on screen.

The original novels are apparently much less comic and more real life, concentrating more on the expose and the mystery than the jokes. This could be a very different Fletch than the Fletch we saw in 1985 from Chevy Chase and its sequel Fletch Lives in 1989.

Well, perhaps not. The article does say that we should be expecting a "smart action comedy", and when the word smart is thrown onto comedy in Hollywood I immediately get concerned. How many "smart" comedies have we seen come out of Hollywood which have turned out to be dumb, run of the mill films that hardly raise a snigger? That's right, a lot, if not most.

What's going to be different here? Well the producers do say it's a re-imagining and not a remake. Well, straight from the books it is.



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