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Highlander reboot in Twilight style?

Highlander.jpgIs the Highlander reboot about to get the Twilight treatment? I hope not but the story is that the Highlander reboot has just been handed to Twilight screen writer Melissa Rosenberg who wrote all of the five screenplays for Twilight.

The instant call here is that they're making Highlander teen-friendly, but when you hear that Roy Lee is producing with Highlander franchise producer Peter Davis and Neal Moritz and Justin Lin directing, you have to think that this isn't the case.

While I think it would be a great story to leap on that there's going to be a teen version of Highlander, sanitising all the violence and bringing it to life again with young actors, I don't really believe that they're going to do that, and a good writer is a good writer, it doesn't mean that because they've worked on a franchise of five films that this is all they can write.

Let's put Twilight to the side of Melissa Rosenberg's career for a minute and talk about Dexter and the other television writing work that she's done, including an old favourite of mine Dark Skies. There's more there than Twilight that's for sure.

The Highlander reboot is just that, we're going back to the Highlands and seeing Connor MacLeod going head to head with a murderous barbarian for the prize that will haunt him forever, immortality, and the beginning of the franchise as round after round of immortals challenge him to gain the right to live forever.

There's no word of casting in the Variety article, but we do know that with all the talent behind the camera it's going to be a big action adventure and the reboot is going to do its best at creating a new franchise.

No, I don't see any shades of Twilight in here, do you?



The first Highlander movie is a classic and it would have been best if they had left it at that. I hated the sequels and subsequent TV series.


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