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Iron Man 3 writer and director?

ShaneBlack.jpgI've sat on this story for a while, mainly because there are so many stories I do pick and choose, but this has come back time and time again. There's a new name being touted around for Iron Man 3, and if he gets the job he will be writing as well as directing.

The man for the task is the one who wrote Lethal Weapon, The Last Boy Scout, Last Action Hero, The Long Kiss Goodnight, and wrote and directed the excellent Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Shane Black.

I actually think that this sounds rather a good fit, but so far Shane Black has only been meeting with executives and you know that could mean anything at this stage and there are other film-makers who are being looked at for the third Iron Man film, but Black has worked with Robert Downey Jr. before from Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and they made a great film that could have seen the resurgence of Val Kilmer.

Looking back at Black's action credentials in the writing department he's certainly got the metal for this film, and although there's only one directing role in his career it is a strong one.

The Hollywood Reporter reminds us that Shane Black is currently working on Doc Savage and an adaptation of Death Note, so it's not as though he isn't in demand.

I think he's a great choice for the third film and it could lead to more, and I'd definitely say he'd be a strong choice, but then he could have just been meeting the executives to discuss the writing role and they would still be looking for a director. Right now it's still wide open and they've got two years to make it.

Who would you choose?



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