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Logan's Run still on?

LogansRun.jpgReally, and let me say this up front, this story is more hope and desire from the producer Joel Silver who is keeping hope alive on a project that has failed a number of times to get going and doesn't really have anyone behind it other than him at the moment.

Of course that doesn't mean that I don't want Logan's Run to be a success, after all it's a superb story that is really dated when you watch the original and yet still carries a compelling enough and clever story that you stay with it throughout.

I love the original Logan's Run film, and I've said it many times before, my Dad does too, and it's not just for Jenny Agutter's risqué costumes. The story is really good, and even despite some effects that haven't stood the test of time well, the story does survive well and manages to capture you from early on.

There are some timeless ideas in there that are still hugely relevant as well as still seeming very fresh and clever, and they could really work well coupled with modern film-making, effects and an equally strong screenplay and director.

However, and here's where the however is, there has to be a strong director and writer.

Joel Silver was asked once again about Logan's Run by MTV and he didn't have much to say. With Bryan Singer and Carl Rinsch already two options that have passed the film by and Singer being by far the most passionate about the original, I really do wonder if we'll get to see a remake anytime soon but Silver isn't convinced himself.

"Logan's Run might come together...That might be something we get a chance to do soon. We've got that in a place that we're really happy with. That has to be a big… it's a whole new world, its a whole new way of looking at the story and I think it's something that could be really good."

What's that "We've got that in a place that we're really happy with" mean? What's he referring to? The story? Couldn't be the production surely since it's only really gone backwards. He sounds confident and yet there's nothing really to back that up.

I guess fans of the project should be hopeful though, with a producer like this still behind it the chances are it'll get made, but then is he just keeping it alive because it's another project for the books or that he thinks there's a real chance to get it made?

His final comment on the project is intriguing, he says:

"The whole idea of that movie is that people have to come [into their] lives very young so yes, it would be a younger actor"

Very young? Not so, in the original they were hitting their thirties. So is this new Logan's Run going to show people from a very early age? Is there a different focus here? If so I really can't see it myself.



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