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Major League sequel really happening?

MajorLeague.jpgI thought that the talk of a Major League sequel was like Sutherland's 24, or Duchovny's X-Files, a hopeful sequel that never arrives. Charlie Sheen, despite all his problems, has been talking about it again and again, and even just this weekend hosted a party which was showing the film to a group of selected celebrities.

Now there's word that the writer of the original Major League film has completed the script on the sequel (technically the second sequel but as far as many are concerned it will be the only sequel) there's talk of actors and the studio are considering the film right now. Could it really happen? Well Sheen's life could be in the perfect place for it.

The idea for the Major League sequel would be that Charlie Sheen's character, Ricky Vaughn, would be asked back to the game to mentor a young relief pitcher who is going a little too wild himself, and his life experience is going to help him calm down. I'm thinking a little like a more extreme Bull Durham.

David S. Ward wrote and directed the original film and through The Hollywood Reporter has been talking about this new script:

"It's 20 years later Charlie's character has been out of baseball since he gave up the walk-off homerun in the seventh game of the World Series...But the team wants him back to mentor this young fireballing relief pitching."

He revealed that a recent read through went really well and that Morgan Creek has the script and are looking at the film. He also said that the new script would see Willie Hayes, played by Wesley Snipes, and Pedro Cerrano, played by Dennis Haysbert, as coaches of the team and there would be three new characters brought in as the young blood, presumably with the chance at a sequel or two.

Many characters will be returning, Corbin Bernsen apparently has a role which is in response to some criticism of an early draft and Charlie Sheen has yet to say yes, but with all his talk you'd think he'd be first in line to sign up.

There are some complications though, not least Sheen's personal problems, but more the fact that Snipes is currently in prison for tax evasion, although you would think that the authorities would let him out to work if that means he's earning money to pay them back.

Anyway, complications and politics aside, it looks like there really could be a Major League sequel, and Ward is hopeful saying that there is a window coming up for Sheen and the film, and with a script sitting on the desk of a studio executive, it looks like this really could happen.

Would you want it to though? I can see the return of Sheen as the mentor who has been through and done it all working quite well, and the players now coaches would also work. Is there a desire to see it though, and to see Sheen back on the big screen?



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