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Marianne Swedish horror trailer

Marianne.jpgJust with those very words Swedish horror trailer I may have switched some people off to this trailer, and more fool them, for it does star Peter Stormare who, along with many other sites who are carrying the trailer, is one of my favourite actors to watch on screen.

It also stars Thomas Hedengran and the trailer teases a dark undertone of, well I'm not entirely sure what, but there are some great images in the trailer for this psychological horror film.

It comes from first time writer and director Filip Tegstedt and is described as a small town psychological horror drama, and that phrase always interests me, combining the word psychological with thriller, horror or drama is usually a good start.

According to the write up at Quiet Earth the story for the film Marianne is based in Swedish folklore and...

"...tells of a man's struggle to deal with his inner conflicts following the passing of his wife."

Here's the trailer for Marianne which, if you like horror films or just great atmospheric trailers, then you should have a gander at.



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