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Marvin Gaye biographical film from Temple

MarvinGaye.jpgJulien Temple could be the one to bring a biographical film of Marvin Gaye's life to the big screen, a film that has been talked about for quite some time in many guises, and might finally be about to make it there thanks to the director who brought the stories of both the Sex Pistols and the Clash's Joe Strummer to film.

It seems that Temple is creating a film which will either have the title Midnight Love or Sexual Healing, so it's clear that things are still undecided on the project, but the rights aren't a problem.

It seems that the previous film attempts have hit the same problem that most biographical films of those in the musical industry do, the rights from their estate and most importantly of their music. You can't make a film about someone who sang or played music for a living without being able to play their music, and its here that most biographical films of their lives fall flat. They just don't get the rights.

According to the article in The Guardian which quotes Screen Daily, that's not the case and the Marvin Gaye biographical film will have the rights as the film is said to have the backing of EMI, the current owner of those songs.

Midnight Love seems to be the favoured title for the film which will follow the recording of that Marvin Gaye album in Brussels and his friendship with the Belgian producer Freddy Cousaert who encouraged him to launch his comeback.

However, and here's the crucial part of this story, it's not clear if the film will cover the more turbulent moments of Gaye's life, his struggle with drugs, the downturn of his comeback and his return to cocaine addiction, or the story of how his own father shot him.

It seems that these are a key part of his life story and I can't really see Julien Temple avoiding these issues, he's not been shy of them in his past films, but there's a lot of ground to cover.

Back in 2006 we were hearing about a film called Sexual Healing from Lauren Goodman and was set to star Jesse L. Martin and Marvin: The Life Story of Marvin Gaye was to be filmed by well known photographer D. Stevens.

While the Stevens film was to look at his entire life, the Goodman film was going to follow the same ground as Temple's is. I wonder if Temple has taken over that project? After all its covering the same time period and close to the same name. Interestingly back then a certain James Gandolfini was signed to play the producer role.

The real key question though is who will play Marvin Gaye?



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