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Red Sonja is alive?

RedSonja.jpgIs this really news of a Red Sonja resurgence? According to the producer Avi Lerner it is, because he revealed that they not only have a director lined up, but that they have a lead female in mind for the role, and while they are talking to a few names they already have a favourite.

The director they talk of is a strong choice, and has just proven how well he can deliver stylised action once again, something that he really didn't need to prove, and the female lead? Well if Lerner's favourite becomes the one I think we might have a suitable gorgeous replacement for the once touted Rose McGowan.

Red Sonja comes from a mixture of Robert E. Howard, who wrote the Conan novels, and Roya Thomas who wrote the Conan comics, and first came to life the Red Sonja film played by Brigitte Nielsen backed by Arnold Schwarzenegger. She's a character set in a similar timeframe to Conan, and she's really the female version of Conan, just without the huge muscles and big workout plan.

There was talk of the remake when Robert Rodriguez was touting Rose McGowan as the lead and the two were hopeful of the film happening, however many things happened, or didn't, behind the scenes and the film fell flat.

Avi Lerner was talking through Empire and reiterated something they said at the time of the Conan remake from Marcus Nispel, that when Conan the Barbarian was done, and if it worked out well, they would return to Red Sonja. Well it's done and there's already talk of a sequel, so here comes Sonja.

Right, let me stop beating about the bush and get right to it. Apparently Simon West is the man who is set to direct the film, which I think is a good choice considering that he just delivered the film The Mechanic which delivers strong action, great cinematic style, and a little more depth of characters and writing than the average action film.

So who is set to play the lead? Well Avi Lerner does say that they are talking with a number of actresses, but that his personal favourite is Amber Heard. Now while she might be a great leading lady for screen, blonde, sexy, and she can act, I wonder if she's the right build and stature for the role?

For Red Sonja fans the good news is that the production is on track, but what do they think about the director and lead?



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