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Stalked: Mr Men Movie, Harker, Pet Sematary remake, South Korean hostage film, Hansel and Gretel

Mr Men Movie...

Harker, a new Dracula...

Pet Sematary remake...

South Korean hostage film...

Janssen witch role in Hansel and Gretel?...

Mr Men Movie...
Roger Hargreaves classic Mr Men characters are coming to the big screen courtesy of Fox Animation. Most likely this means we'll be watching it in CG animation, but that's not such a big deal is it? The Hollywood Reporter tells us that the first six books were published in 1971 and since then the franchise has sold more than 100 million copies worldwide in twenty-eight different countries (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com). With four different television series to their name then there's a franchise desperate to be made.

Harker, a new Dracula...
Lee Shipman and Brian McGreevy have sold a speculative script for a film called Harker which will tell the Dracula story from the viewpoint of Jonathan Harker, the Scotland Yard detective who is tracking the vampire in England. According to Deadline they are looking to turn the character into a franchise lead. Jaume Collet-Serra is set to direct, his Liam Neeson led film Unknown is about to hit cinemas.

Pet Sematary remake...
Matthew Greenberg who wrote the screenplay for the Stephen King adaptation 1408 is set to write a script for a Pet Sematary remake, another Stephen King film to be made into a film. Of course this is strictly on the hush-hush as it comes from an "insider" through The Hollywood Reporter. King's doing well at the moment, let's hope this is a high budget film and its aiming for something as scary as the original.

South Korean hostage film...
South Korean cinema is about to adapt the true story of the rescue of twenty-one hostages last month according to The Hollywood Reporter. A freighter was boarded and hostages taken in the Arabian Sea, and after a week of secret operations by the South Korean Navy, they stormed the freighter and rescued all the hostages. They say that the film, Dawn on the Gulf of Aden, is hitting production very soon.

Janssen witch role in Hansel and Gretel?
The fabulous Famke Janssen is set to star alongside Gemma Arterton and Jeremy Renner in the film Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters according to The Playlist. Arterton and Renner play Hansel and Gretel while it's unknown what role Janssen is playing yet, I'm betting she'll end up playing a witch. The film sees the brother and sister all grown up and hunting and killing witches.



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