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Stallone in Headshot

Stallone.jpgWell it's not the project we expected from Sylvester Stallone next, I mean where's The Expendables II or Poe? However the people behind Headshot are the ones making me think that this is going to be something a little different.

Alessandro Camon who wrote The Messenger has written the script that the director of The Cooler, Wayne Kramer, is going to direct. Now with Sylvester Stallone starring as a hitman who teams up with a detective for an action thriller that promises to head to Washington D.C., I'm already very interested.

The film is being billed as an action one, but there's a promise in there of something a little bigger, something more on the side of thriller than anything else.

Sylvester Stallone will play a New Orleans hitman who is brought together with a NYPD Detective by two vicious murders on an investigation that stretches to the politics and power of Washington D.C., big in scope and in action perhaps?

The last line of the blurb for Headshot from The Hollywood Reporter does say that they will go all out to seek their revenge, so it does suggest that this is much more action orientated than thriller. However with the writer and director that are involved, this doesn't exactly seem like they are going the standard route.

There's not much more on the story, but I do hope there's more than a whiff of thriller in here and it's not just all out action. However at the same time Stallone is great as the action star, even now he gives it his all and puts others to shame. If you can team up with Jason Statham and hold your own then you definitely deserve respect.

Yet this seems to be putting off The Expendables II and Poe, two very different films but films that Stallone keeps talking about. Are you happy to wait?



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