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Update: Super Bowl film trailer adverts

Super8.jpgWell, the ones that really matter anyway. Here are the Super Bowl adverts all about the films, the important ones from during the Super Bowl last night and the ones that we didn't get to see outside of America.

There are some good ones, Thor looks good along with Fast Five, oh yes that one raised a smile more than almost all of them, there's plenty new to see with Cowboys & Aliens, and we finally see some footage for Super 8.

Oh and there's an added bonus that I happened to come across, another teaser for Super 8 hidden away on a marketing site somewhere. Right, here they all are for your viewing pleasure, which is the one that grabs you the most?

Well since it's the American Super Bowl shouldn't we open with the trailer for Captain America: The First Avenger? Makes sense if you ask me, and so we shall. It's okay, and the imagery that we might have been expecting from the film isn't there, even for an American advert. I'm getting hopeful.

Out of all that Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides has to offer us and shows us, I'm still more excited about Ian McShane appearing in the film than anything else, and here he has a little more to offer us.

Unlike the film I'm sure, for the Transformers: Dark of the Moon commercial they've slowed down the action and showed the clips where the camera is pulled back, and it looks pretty good. I do like the sound over this trailer.

Okay, I was having a pop at the Transformers films for being fast and too difficult to follow, well the Thor trailer has really taken a lot from that style. The key to this trailer is not to blink while it's playing. Really.

While most are picking other trailers as their favourite for the Super Bowl commercials, I have to admit this one made me smile the most. Fast Five.

Nothing really new at all with the Battle: Los Angeles, or World Invasion: Battle LA trailer. I would have thought they could have done something much more special with the Super Bowl. Why didn't they create a commercial specially for them, showing aliens attacking the stadium? Oh I know it's not L.A., but it would have been cool.

There's plenty new in the Cowboys & Aliens trailer, especially a look at the alien ships that seem to be rather unique to anything we've seen before. I am hugely intrigued by this film as most of it screams pulp entertainment apart from the cast, I'm expecting surprising things from it.

Priest is pretty much what we've seen with a different cut and a new theme over the top.

Limitless looks pretty cool so far, the question is where does it go with this idea, and I hope we don't find out until the film. So far so good.

Most of the Drive Angry 3D advert seems to be trying to tell you it is good in 3D and it's a lot of fun, mainly with quotes from two sites and it hasn't changed my mind. See if it does yours.

The Adjustment Bureau, most of which we've seen before but a new cut, a little bit of new footage, and more excitement for the film.

Super 8, the first trailer for the film with some actual content, and it's looking good, even if it is a television advert.

Some additional footage for Super 8, not from the Superb Bowl but found online at another marketing site through ShockTillYouDrop. Apologies, some are saying that you have to watch an advert beforehand, and really for little actual content.

Update: Here's the The Eagle trailer which appeared a little later after I posted this.



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