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Vaughn stays with Superheroes for next film

MatthewVaughn.jpgIt looks like Matthew Vaughn is staying in the realm of superheroes for his next film, that is if what he says comes true, for he's announced his plans for his next film, whether he produces, directs or writes it isn't exactly certain yet, but he will be involved in the idea.

It does sound tenuous, but it is a Matthew Vaughn idea and he's bound to produce, it's just whether he decides to write or direct. So far nothing is cast in stone. Oh, and the topic of the superhero film? Aging superheroes in a retirement home.

It seems that he likes the idea of old, retired superheroes coming out of retirement and having to get into the world saving business once more, a bit like RED you might say, and why not, we do love our older action heroes, and quite frankly they carry a lot more worldly weight with them than we see in most.

From Kick-Ass to The Golden Age with X-Men: First Class in between, it seems that Vaughn will have covered all the ages of the superhero if this film is completed.

According to Deadline they spoke with Matthew Vaughn who revealed that it's based on a comic book yet to be written by Jonathan Ross, who is actually a big comic book fan and has written some already.

It's this news that surprises me the most because I clearly remember the idea from the Wanted comics, the original story from Mark Millar, not the film version, and that's where I thought the idea was coming from. Of course it's not going to be new there either, and we all must have read The Dark Knight Returns, but this is perhaps the first time that the entire story will be around the retired heroes.

Vaughn says that a studio is keen to fund the film and apparently he says that he's keen to get actors signed up as quickly as possible, names such as Clint Eastwood, Jack Nicholson, and Warren Beatty are banded around, and while I think he'd struggle to get Eastwood unless the script was excellent, the other names are certainly superb choices, after all they have played comic book heroes on the big screen already.

The article also suggests that Vaughn might just produce, he may hire other writers, and he may not even direct, but I suspect otherwise. If Jonathan Ross is writing the source material surely his wife Jane Goldman will adapt and that means that Vaughn is in the thick of the writing too, and if they're that close to the project why not direct it and the trilogy of the age of Superheroes complete?



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