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Verhoeven casting Berry in The Student?

HalleBerry.jpgPaul Verhoeven has offered Halle Berry a role in his latest film called The Student which is a sexual thriller about a nineteen year old who gets involved with an older woman, Berry would play the frankly incredibly stunning older woman who could attract any age of any man she wanted.

There's not really a lot on the story, but this casting could be great for both director and star.

Halle Berry has an up and down career, from Oscar to Razzie, Monster's Ball to Catwoman she has picked some very diverse and broad ranging roles in terms of critical acclaim, and there's no denying that she is a great actress, but sometimes her choice of roles can be pretty poor.

Here it's hard to decide whether this is a good or bad thing for her.

Paul Verhoeven has also had a similar career, but he's had some corkers from Black Book to Basic Instinct, and it's hard to believe he couldn't deliver something different with this idea rather than just a story about sex with a beautiful leading lady in it.

This really could go either way if it happens, and there's a good chance it could happen because Halle Berry was associated with a previous Paul Verhoeven film called The Surrogate, one which appears to have fallen through.

Badassdigest through Latino Review tell us that the film is written by Wendy Diane Miller and is about a nineteen year old who takes up an internship and ends up having an affair with his boss' wife, and that's when events take a darker turn and become rather dangerous.

It does sound like classic Verhoeven territory, and I'm sure he could make this into a huge hit, and would Berry reap rewards from the role too? Perhaps revitalising her career a little in the process? After all the exposure either way might allow her to tread more serious fare afterwards.



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