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Closed: Win Korean thriller Bedeviled on Blu-ray

Bedeviled.jpgKorean thriller Bedeviled starring Ji Sung-won and Seo Young-hee is out soon on Blu-ray and I have copies to giveaway, all you have to do is answer one simple question.

The film has been described as more than a thriller by those that have seen it, part carefully paced thriller and part bloody revenge film, there are some rather shocking scenes that the film builds to as it reveals how far two women can be pushed.

Here's an official blurb for the Bedeviled:

Hae-won (Ji Sung-won), a middle management woman who with the increasing pressures of work and home decides to take a break from it all and return to the pleasant, remote island that she spent happy summers with her grandparents. Arriving she finds her childhood friend Bok-nam (Seo Young-hee) ecstatic to see her. Her friend begs her to help her and her child escape from the island. Perplexed Hae-won ignores her pleas but is shocked to witness the horrific torment that Bok-nam endures every day. Each woman is stretched to their limits and it is only a matter of time before one finally, and gruesomely, snaps.

Here's a trailer I managed to track down for Bedeviled which promises more of the revenge part of the film:

To be in with a chance of winning Bedeviled on Blu-ray you have to have a UK postal address, know the answer to the following question, and be able to select the link below to send your answer and address in to Filmstalker. Simple.

Here's the question you need to answer:

Which famous Korean film starts with a man locked up for years only to be let out and helped by the man who imprisoned him?

Remember you need a UK postal address for the prize to be sent to you, you have to answer using the following link, and your email has to include the answer, your name and UK postal address.

This competition has now closed

After the closing date of 28th February at midnight UTC three winners will be randomly selected, notified, and the prizes sent soon after. Note that due to the numbers of entrants I can't always notify everyone.

It's easy, it's one of the biggest Korean films, and one which Hollywood has been pretty close to trying to remake a number of times. Enter and you could win.



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