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Cave of Forgotten Dreams trailer

CaveofForgottenDreams.jpgI've heard some great things about this film by Werner Herzog, and the of the fact that it uses 3D to great effect, however I don't think this trailer does the film the justice it deserves and the previous trailer was much more powerful.

That said, this trailer for Cave of Forgotten Dreams is in high definition and does provide some great opening images.

I find the previous trailers have been more interesting than this, although we do get to see some shots of the cave and the drawings, most of them have already been seen in trailers.

The heartbeat moment and the over dramatic "I've decided I'm not going back" comment did irritate me a little here though. Mind you the heartbeat moment is in the previous trailer, and looking back it's just as irritating.

What do I mean by that? Well I felt like I was being told what I needed to feel rather than being shown these staggering images and enticed in that way.

Mind you, I've heard enough about Cave of Forgotten Dreams from others to know that these parts aren't important, and it's the cave that should be seen.

You can see the new trailer for Cave of Forgotten Dreams over at Apple Trailers, and it does look good in high definition. I'm still unsure whether 3D will do the paintings justice, but a film about the oldest discovered drawings of man has to be seen doesn't it?



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