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Daredevil gains director, but will he stay?

Daredevil.jpgThe Daredevil remake/reboot/sequel has gained a director, although I'm not sure how long he will remain involved considering the other comic book character who is now looking for direction.

The news came out that Daredevil found a director just before hearing that Wolverine 2 had lost Darren Aronofsky, so considering the new director was keen on Wolverine 2, might he jump across?

David Slade is the man who has been picked to direct the new Daredevil film, and the official word is that this is a sequel, accepting the first film as history and moving on from it, I think what every production considering a reboot should really do unless they can refashion the story in such a way to deliver something incredibly new. You know I still think the Star Trek reboot was unnecessary.

There's not much in the Variety story, but it does point out that David Slade, who made Hard Candy (Filmstalker review), 30 Days of Nights and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse was once interested in other comic book character films such as Wolverine 2.

Now it's interesting that Wolverine 2 is now seeking a director, and looking at the potential and audience for both it's clear that Wolverine 2 could attract more attention. I wonder if he might be persuaded to look across to that production instead? After all what is a Daredevil sequel compared to a Hugh Jackman starring Wolverine sequel written by Christopher McQuarrie?

If you look at the options Wolverine 2 is a far more attractive film than a new Daredevil, but then would Daredevil allow more creativity, the chance to recreate a superhero film with your own stamp effectively for the first time? Which would you choose?



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