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Director talks Daredevil reboot

Daredevil.jpgXavier Gens has been talking about his desire to make a new Daredevil film, and although he's not on board to direct, a reboot has been pushed forward by the studio and a script is underway, and they will be looking for someone to helm it.

He's talking about his vision which just sounds like the beginning of Daredevil's life anyway, nothing surprising or revealing, and nothing that would make me think he's the man for the job. Then he reveals who he'd like to play the role.

Xavier Gens has been talking about the film ever since the companies behind the new Daredevil announced their intentions to try again. The original Daredevil film was pretty bad. It starred Ben Affleck as Matt Murdock aka Daredevil, who wasn't necessarily bad for the role, it's just that the film decided to take a very comical and silly view and make a damn poor film.

Saying that though, a film that takes time to explore what Gens wants his film to, seems as though it'll spend far too much time not being Daredevil. Mind you, his vision is just the history of the character more or less.

Here's what Gens says he'll do with the film speaking to Marvel's Facebook page through ComicBookMovie and Latino Review:

"There will be a first part in the childhood of Matt Murdock and the universe of Hell Kitchen. Something in the universe of the first Rocky Balboa. [It] is the story of a poor family of Hell Kitchen [in which] the father is a loser [and] the mother is sick and she died. The father has to [raise] his son alone. He became an outlaw [and then] he made a fight to win money. And one day he is killed by the mobs," he continued. "Alone, Matt Murdock goes to an orphanage and that's where he got into his accident. And there is a long re-education because he became blind and he has to learn a new sensory with a very realistic point of view. And he became better and better [with his new found skills]. And then he made lawyer his study."

Isn't that just the story of Matt Murdock becoming Daredevil? However dramatic Gens wants to make it, that's just the opening character history isn't it?

That's not the real plot of the film, otherwise it'll be a pretty dull Daredevil film. This is only, at most, a quarter of the film. It has to go into the character being Daredevil, doing what he does, setting up his rivalry and delivering a strong film.

The next question though is who is going to play Daredevil? It wouldn't be Ben Affleck, he's onto bigger and better things these days, but Gens has an idea.

"For Daredevil, I think Sam Worthington could be very great and intense for this character. For the villain, it depends on the story"

Eh? Sam Worthington? He may be the go to guy for all the current action adventures, but he's not Matt Murdoch/Daredevil, not for me. Who would be yours?



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