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Hooper to direct Les Miserables?

LesMiserables.jpgTom Hooper, probably still flying high on his success from The King's Speech (and that's the one with the swear words in it, not the sanitised version that will save America's children from being corrupted and bring in the Weinstein's more hard cash) has been rumoured to actually be in negotiations to direct a screen version of Les Miserables, the famous musical.

There's already a writer on the project, and if the stories are true then we could see Hooper tackling the project which would see him heading off in a rather different direction than one might have thought after The King's Speech.

Right now this is just the old "inside source" issue, but it's a strong rumour and Tom Hooper has been linked to the project before, so perhaps he could turn out to direct the project which is in active development.

There's already a writer on board and that's William Nicholson who wrote Shadowlands, Gladiator and Elizabeth: The Golden Age very strong scripts that turned out equally as well on screen, and that already suggests that the production is heading in the right direction.

The musical itself is based on the 1862 novel by Victor Hugo which is set in 19th Century France and follows a number of different characters over a seventeen year period and ending in the 1832 rebellion. The stage musical has become as iconic as the novel and has seen many incarnations, but the real surprise is just how many times it's been adapted for film and television, you can see just how much on Wikipedia.

The story from Deadline through The Guardian does make it clear that this is an adaptation not of the novel, but of the Cameron Mackintosh produced stage musical.

It will be an interesting film for Tom Hooper to make next, after being offered so many other projects, and if he signs I wonder how this well loved musical will adapt to film. The hope will be to follow other musicals that have moved well from stage to screen, but we'll have to see if he does actually sign on the dotted line.



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