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Jack Ryan reboot delayed for good reason

JackRyans.jpgThere are two reasons why the new Jack Ryan film is being delayed, one is that they're waiting for Alec Baldwin to get back into shape, magically become younger, and take over the part again...oh I wish that were going to happen but it's not. The truth for the reboot delay is that Star Trek is going to take the time of Chris Pine, the new Jack Ryan, and he's not going to be able to have time to complete the film.

Well that's one reason. The other is that it appears the script isn't ready yet, something that really does need attention first, because you should never go to filming without a completed script, even if Hollywood tries it again and again.

Through the story of the rewrite comes a little titbit that could have you reading more into it than is perhaps hoped, and I'm not sure if we should be reading anything in it or not.

The story from Deadline says that Steve Zaillian, who wrote Clear and Present Danger and did some rewrites on Patriot Games (as well as plenty other great scripts) so is in a good position to hit this reboot, was brought on board last month to rewrite the new script. The interesting part of this is that he's withdrawn and walked away from the project. The question is that in the few weeks he was on it did he have a read of the script, talk to the studio and the director and then decide to leave?

From the outside view that could be taken in a negative way. The script was written by Hossein Amini, then Adam Cozad rewrote it, Anthony Peckham did the same and then it was back to Amini again, and it almost landed with Zaillian to have a bash at it as well. However he won't be.

So this is why the film isn't being done ahead of the Star Trek sequel, it's not ready, and Star Trek apparently is as Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci and Damon Lindelof are hard at work on the script and it's looking to start production in the Autumn.

Where does that leave our Jack Ryan reboot? Well it could also be seen in a strong light, despite Zaillian deciding not to be attached with the script, the studio could be trying to get this right for the return of Jack Ryan and are willing to spend the money and time so it doesn't turn out to be another Sum of All Fears.

The story tells us that the origin of the character and the film will begin with a helicopter crash that happened while Ryan was in the U.S. Marines and nearly died a crash that was mentioned in The Hunt for Red October film and book.

Sounds interesting, but the problem that I might find with this is that it's going way back and returning to enemies and threats that we don't really see so much these days, or at least I assume it will be heading back to the origin story of Ryan.

With the recent Ryan films we've been seeing, if you'll pardon the pun, clear and present dangers portrayed on screen, issues that were affecting us at the moment, to varying degrees of course, but it was there. I could counter myself saying that Red October started the franchise and it wasn't so present, but I wonder if this film is going to go too far back in the attempt to reboot the character.



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