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RoboCop remake director and writer signed

RoboCop.jpgA writer and director have been found for the new RoboCop remake, reboot, re-whatever film, and the director announcement looks complete now as it confirms the previous rumour of the unusual and exciting choice of foreign director for the film who has now signed.

There's also news of a writer who has little to his name so far but a couple of big projects on the horizon. What's exciting about all this is that MGM have happily continued with a choice of writer and director that feel far from a safe bet.

People were all excited about Darren Aronofsky's vision for the new RoboCop, and it would have been very different from the previous films, but now we have the concrete news that José Padilha is set to direct, I'm even more excited.

I'll tell you why, the announcement from Variety that he's signed the deal means that we're getting a director who has managed to take a real life incident with real life footage from multiple sources and his own factual footage and edited it into a fantastically strong thriller in the form of Bus 174 (Ônibus 174) (Filmstalker review).

Then there's his Elite Squad (Tropa de Elite) (Filmstalker review) which is somewhat factual in the events behind it but a fictional action/thriller that didn't sacrifice one genre for the other. While there were issues with it, you can see this style translating well to a film like RoboCop.

To be honest the thought of Aronofsky directing did have me a little concerned. Sure he's a fantastic director and all, but he does tend to turn into the more psychological and perhaps mystical at times, the tone of some of his stories so far hasn't really fitted with a robotic cyborg policeman and his first introduction to the world, and its own battle with its computer identity and the previous human one.

I wonder if Aronofsky's film would have concentrated more on that inner battle and questions of what it is to be human, and while that would have made a great film I wonder if it would have just given RoboCop fans a hell of a surprise as they entered a realm of unanswered questions, open ended philosophical scenes, and not so much hard edged RoboCop.

Mind you, the more I wrote about that the more interesting it became, but we have Padilha, and I like the decision.

Oh, and what of the writer? Well it's Josh Zetumer. Yes, you're probably racing to find out who that is, well race no more there's nothing on his profile as yet. According to the article he's written The Infiltrator, the new Dune and the fourth Bourne script before it was handed over.

Good credits, but having not seen or read any of his work I can't really say anything about it other than MGM aren't playing it safe by any means. The Brazilian director Padilha and an unheard of writer, well unheard by the audience, this gives the project a lot of scope and I imagine they are getting a lot of leeway; this won't be a Hollywood remake. I hope.



Now I'm crossing my fingers that we get treated with an R rated movie, god knows Robocop doesn't need another PG-13 outing! (Yes, I'm looking at you Robocop 3!)


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