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Schwarzenegger reveals film offers

Schwarzenegger-Pen.jpgUnsurprisingly in Hollywood as Arnold Schwarzenegger considers his return the studios are considering what films of his to remake with him, and it all seems a little bit unimaginative.

However speaking about the offers he has for films, Schwarzenegger reveals that it's not just remakes, and indeed his return to the entertainment world isn't just film either.

Now Arnold Schwarzenegger has done with politics, since the attempt to allow non-American born citizens to become President didn't come through, he's returning to film, and I can honestly say he's been well and truly missed. However the news of what exactly is on offer from Hollywood is a little sad, but unsurprising for where Hollywood is at right now.

Speaking to The Arnold Fans through Coming Soon he responded to a question which obviously said something about him having fifteen films on offer:

"Well, first of all it's more 15 films, obvious ones from The Terminator to remakes of Predator and The Running Man and all of those things. Then also a lot of original stuff too. But I am also packaging a Comic Book character right now. I'm going to announce that sometime by the end of March or the beginning of April."

So he's working on a comic book character? Presumably coming out in comic book form and not actually a film of a comic book character? It could be a film but I suspect not.

The Terminator would be a good one for him to return to, but there's no way he's coming back as the Terminator himself is he? No offence to the man but his past body shape is in the past and regaining that might just be a little much. There was talk a long time ago of making a film where we see him as the man who became the face of the Terminator, in fact am I right in remembering that this was something that McG thought of doing for his Terminator Salvation (Filmstalker review)? I do remember some deleted scenes that showed them trying a different voice for the Terminator, but my memory is fading on some of that film.

I just can't see him coming back as Terminator, and remaking Predator is a very bad idea. The Running Man is something that could work as a remake, but would he really want to return in a remake? Would we want to see him come back and redo something he's already done and made famous?

I think he has to come back in a different way, think of the way that Bruce Willis has come back to Die Hard and acknowledged his age, that's something that he should do in film. He needs his Die Hard 4.0 (Filmstalker review) or RED.



The scene you remember was a deleted scene from Terminator 3 actually. You could see a video of the military who was used as a model for the T-800 and he had some kind of south american/redneck accent. The board members viewing the video then made a comment about how they had to do something about the accent.

Can't wait to see Arnold getting back in shape. I'm not holding my breath for anything as epic as his former body but they say its easier to regain lost muscle than build new muscle so who knows?!

That's the one Vash, thanks for that I was positive there was something along those lines I just couldn't remember. In fact I think I posted it on Filmstalker, must have a wee search.

I can vouch for that second point, it's still hard work but you can bulk up pretty fast a second time, and he's still been keeping fit that's for sure.

He still won't be able to reach his former glory though and I'm not sure how much he'd have to watch his heart valve nowadays, and whether or not he'll bother doing roles that need him to bulk up again, but I do hope he picks his roles carefully and delivers some of the magic we saw in the Expendables scene.


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