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Schwarzenegger's return doesn't look good

LastActionHero.jpgIf you were hoping for Arnold Schwarzenegger to return to film straight away after ending his term in politics then you're in for a disappointment. He's chosen the first entertainment project he's going to star in, but it's not film it's television, and all in all it's a worrying choice if you wanted him back on old form.

Of course you have to admit that there's no way we're seeing the old Terminator back in action the way he once was, people grow older, that's a fact, but there was some hope he would return to film. I wonder if there's something about that image issue that perhaps is behind this decision not to leap straight back into film?

Oh, I've just realised I've not actually told you what he's coming back to do. It's a cartoon character called the Governator.

Yes, it is that bad and it gets worse. The character, according to the Deadline story, is in fact himself. He's just left office and decides to become a crime fighter. He builds a super secret headquarters called, and wait for this, this is priceless, Arnold Cave, under his own house.

From there he has super suits, super vehicles, a ton of sidekicks to help him along, and he'll be battling a baddie organisation with the name...oh yes, it gets even better, G.I.R.L.I.E. Men.

What a joke. My only thought was that this is maybe a way he could get back at a lot of people and organisations who have had a pop at him and his political camp while he was in office, but other than that I can't see this going anywhere, unless he's going to start a television series or a film series based on the character, but quite clearly it'll be for kids.

I really can't fathom the decision, especially when there are projects galore waiting for him to step in.

However that's where I wondered, is this an image issue? We've heard him say that the scripts he was getting were filled with remakes of the characters and films he's already played, perhaps he realises that he can't come back and play the Terminator or the team leader in Predator any more. Perhaps there's not a role that the older Schwarzenegger can play so he's turned to a format where he can appear without the need for months of training and revealing a body that's not as young as it once was?

I have to point out that despite how that sounds I am a huge fan of the man, for what he achieved in his body building career, his films which I love, and the fact that he's gone on to tackle politics, but this just isn't Arnold Schwarzenegger, not by a long shot. This is going back to the Turbo Man Arnie, not the one we could have had back along the lines of End of Days, Collateral Damage, True Lies, Last Action Hero, Total Recall.

That's the Arnie I want to see, one that doesn't have to be all about the size and the biceps, but can carry off the lead of a film, pull off some of the action, and deliver his steely retribution stare. Instead it's all turning a little comic.



He should play Cohagen in the Total Recall remake, that would be awesome :)


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