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Stalked: Kilmer swaps Holliday for Earp; Russ Meyer film finds director; Costner is Superman's Dad; Alex Cross recast finds Lost bad guy

Kilmer swaps Holliday for Earp...

Russ Meyer film finds director...

Costner is Superman's Dad...

Alex Cross recast finds Lost bad guy...

Kilmer swaps Holliday for Earp...
Val Kilmer is returning to one of the roles he's most known for, although he's not playing Doc Holliday as he did in Tombstone, he's set to play Wyatt Earp. Earp was played by Kurt Russell in that film and Kilmer played an excellent Holliday. Kilmer is set to play an elderly Earp who talks to a reporter and tells him his story specifically that of the time when he rounded up a posse to head out after the outlaw who mistakenly killed the woman he loved. There's a young cast already on board for the flashback scenes and Variety tells us that Mike Feifer is directing The First Ride of Wyatt Earp from Darren Benjamin Shepherd's script.

Russ Meyer film finds director...
David O. Russell looks set to direct a film about Russ Meyer, the famous B-Movie maker who delivered films such as Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!. Deadline tell us that Merritt Johnson will write the script and he previously wrote Lovelace, a script telling the story of ex-pornstar Linda Lovelace. However the deal isn't complete yet, they are trying to secure the rights to the Jimmy McDonough book Big Bosoms And Square Jaws: The Biography Of Russ Meyer, King Of The Sex Film and Russell isn't on board just yet.

Costner is Superman's Dad...
It's confirmed. Kevin Costner will play Superman's Dad in the Zack Snyder directed Superman film Superman: Man of Steel. Snyder himself says through :

"Kevin will be able to communicate the quiet strength of this rural American man who raised the greatest superhero of all time."

Alex Cross recast finds Lost bad guy...
I, Alex Cross, the new Alex Cross film that sees the character made famous by James Patterson recast from Morgan Freeman to Tyler Perry has found a bad guy for the story that seems to be somewhat of an origin tale for Cross. Matthew Fox, ex-Lost, has been found by the film to be the serial killer who murders for money and for his own personal thrills, nicknamed the Butcher of Sligo, and who is being hunted by Cross. Cross foils one of his kills and the Butcher heads off to kill his wife, and that makes Cross...well...mad. Deadline tells us that Marc Moss wrote the latest script and Rob Cohen, who is directing, decided to rewrite it a little more and change a lot of the twists from the original book. Oooh.



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