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Stalked: New 11-11-11 trailer; Captain America footage; Guillory confirms RE5; Three Stooges still on; Clash of the Titans sequel gains cast

New 11-11-11 trailer...

Captain America : The First Avenger footage arrives...

Guillory confirms a place in Resident Evil 5...

Three Stooges still on...

Clash of the Titans sequel gains cast...

New 11-11-11 trailer...
With a new 11-11-11 trailer you'd expect something more from the previous one, well don't. What this new trailer brings are a bunch of out of seemingly out of context shots that could be telling us anything. That said though, the trailer does suggest the film is going to be dark and psychological more than the standard horror we see. Mind you, the trailer still isn't giving us that much.

Captain America footage arrives...
Some footage from Captain America : The First Avenger has arrived online, and we almost, I say almost, get to see Red Skull, but not quite. The effects of Chris Evans looking like a weedy skinny young man are pretty good, and they make the built up version of Evans so much more impressive. There's lots of tease here, and not all the meat that we want, but the tease is really good and coupled with the recent trailer is enough to make me want to see it.

Guillory confirms a place in Resident Evil 5...
Sienna Guillory has confirmed through Twitter through AITH that she'll be in the next Resident Evil film. She's about to being training.

Three Stooges still on...
The Three Stooges looks like it's still on as an active film with The Hollywood Reporter saying that Will Sasso could be set to take a role in the Farrelly brothers' film about the comedy team.

Clash of the Titans sequel gains cast...
Rosamund Pike, Bill Nighy, Toby Kebbell, Edgar Ramirez and Danny Huston have signed up for the sequel Wrath of the Titans say Variety, which is surprising that there's such a strong cast and that the film is going ahead after the disappointment of the poor film which was an equally poor 3D conversion - yes, did some of you who have seen it not know that it was in 3D?

Pike is replacing Alexa Davalos from the first film to play Queen Andromeda, and Kebbell will play Poseidon's demigod son Argenor, while Nighy will play the fallen god Hephaestus. Sam Worthington is returning and Jonathan Liebesman who directed Battle: Los Angeles (Filmstalker review) is directing.



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