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Summer in Genoa

SummerinGenoa.jpgI thought I had already posted a trailer for Summer in Genoa, but it appears not. It's the new film from Michael Winterbottom and stars Colin Firth, Catherine Keener and Hope Davis with Willa Holland and Perla Haney-Jardine as the children at the core of the story.

The mother is killed in a car accident and the father is offered a teaching job in Italy. He heads there, takes his two children, one of whom is just beginning to experience her sexuality and the other is struggling with her own feelings over the death of her mother.

The film looks really emotional, and the leads of Colin Firth, Catherine Keener and Hope Davis say a lot for the film, as does Michael Winterbottom co-writing and directing, and Genoa itself looks set to play a big part in the film.

It looks good, although the quality of the new trailer isn't the best:

Then there's the previous trailer for Summer in Genoa, which I was convinced I'd shown already, but here it is anyway:

Both trailers seem to suffer from a cohesive story telling experience for me. They do get the story across well, but it's in hard cut starts instead of flowing along, and some of the scenes just look like they've been plucked out of the film for aesthetic value rather than adding something to the story of the trailer.

That said, the film promises a lot with the cast, the blurb and what we do get from these two trailers.



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