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Super 8 full trailer online

Super8.jpgThe J.J. Abrams written and directed film Super 8 which features Steven Spielberg as an Executive Producer finally has a full trailer, and just by watching and listening to it you can tell that this is heavily influenced by Spielberg himself.

While I was hoping for more the Close Encounters of the Third Kind influence I'm not wholly disappointed that we've come out with more E.T. influence, but then that's not a bad thing and the trailer does look like the film is going to have a harder edge with Abrams in charge.

The new trailer for Super 8 does look heavily Steven Spielberg, but at the same time there looks to be plenty of mystery and monster mayhem to be had too. I really have high hopes for the film and the trailer looks to be suggesting that they're going to be fulfilled.

What I'm really glad about is that there haven't been any monster reveals as yet, and again in this trailer everything is being kept under wraps and it looks like we're just being delivered the first half set-ups. I'm all for that.

The Super 8 trailer comes through The Hollywood Reporter and you can watch it right here:

Well? Is this going to live up to Spielberg and J.J. Abrams in one package?



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