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Super 8 monster revealed?

Super8.jpgI'm really hoping that this isn't true at all, as it just doesn't work so well for me at the moment, but some viral footage compared with some footage from the trailer has made some eagle eyed, and full of imagination fan come up with a possible reveal of what's on that train in Super 8.

The Steven Spielberg produced and J.J. Abrams written and directed film has something rather surprising to tell us, if all this investigative work is true.

First up I'm going to remind you how much of a spoiler this could be, I mean this could really blow the complete surprise wide open, although I don't think the film would rest on this, it's certainly going to be a big reveal in the film, so if you're not interested in knowing, don't read on.

I'm not kidding here, this could be the complete reveal of the monster for Super 8, including first images, and I'm already wishing a little that I hadn't looked, but then I had to, and I did.

So last warning, leave now or have the reveal seared into your mind.

I've been staying clear of a lot of the viral sites for the film, but some of them are revealing some very interesting information, such as the Super 8 Editing Room site which allows you to view different "lost" footage from investigations of some kind by scientists into something rather strange.

Latino Review did the leg work and pulled out some of the interesting frames at the end of the cut video, I thought you were supposed to be able to select more film from the editing room but it seems that will appear over time.

Right, I've stretched this out enough, but before I do let me caveat this. I think it's rather strange that they would reveal the creature right now, I wonder if this is perhaps associated with it but not the actual creature, and I'll come back to that in a moment.

There are some frames in the viral video that show a jelly like cube that is being tested and investigated by scientists, they even mention the properties of the organic cube over the remaining parts of the audio.

Then there's the trailer which has a couple of shots of what could be the cube with the kids in their bedroom, behind them at one point then shooting off through the wall at speed the next, leaving a rather large hole in the rear of the Space Shuttle poster.

You can see the frames over at Latino Review, I'm not going to steal their thunder as they did they discovered it and pulled out the frames.

Looking at them it does appear that this could be something like Flubber mixed with Explorers, however there's something that's nagging me.

This is a big reveal so early on for the film. Could it be that this isn't the main monster and just something that's left over in the wreckage that the kids find, meanwhile the creature is out there? Or is this really the main creature? After all who is to say that something from outer space would look as we expect it to?

What do you think? Is this really the Super 8 creature revealed?



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