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Taken 2 happening

Taken.jpgWhat's more is that Liam Neeson is going to be reprising his role as Bryan Mills, the secret operative whose daughter is kidnapped by a sex trafficking organisation and whom he then goes after no matter who it involves and wherever they are.

I liked Taken (Filmstalker review), although at times it did get a little over the top, it was still fun and Neeson did a great job as the action hero. The question is will the sequel be as powerful as the first?

The problem I see it is that the first film was pretty fresh. His daughter was kidnapped and he headed out on the rescue and revenge trail, killing everyone in his path. However beneath that there was an interesting story revealing a little about the sex trade and the terrible and frightening things that go on there.

What I hope to see is more of that, what I don't hope to see is his daughter being kidnapped again, or her friend, or a relative, or any of that. What I hope is that he's either contacted by someone who knows what he did and asks him to take the whole organisation down, or that he decides to do it off his own back after not being able to get some of the images out of his head and after his daughter is so terribly affected.

That could be the way to do it, or I would guess that someone could track him down and say that they heard what he had done to rescue his daughter, that their daughter had been kidnapped too, and could he help them?

Either of those scenarios would work for me, although I think it would be better if he just couldn't shake what he had seen and decides to go back and destroy the organisation by his own hands.

According to Deadline Luc Besson has teamed up with Robert Mark Kamen, again, to write the script and that he's currently talking to Olivier Megaton to direct, he previously worked with him on Transporter 3.

It was all looking a little dodgy for a while due to scheduling conflicts and there was even talk of replacements for Neeson, something which would have been a disaster, that is if they had tried to replace his character outright or merely repeat what had happened before, a problem for the new film too.

There has to be a big dose of originality for Taken 2, what audience might find hard to buy into is him heading off on the trail of another family kidnapping, there has to be something new to it.



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