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The Big Bang trailer is definitely something different

TheBigBang.jpgThe Big Bang looks like an interesting return to the private eye genre, with a kind of classic film noir take that also borders on the feel of Sin City but without the effects. You'll know what I mean when you see the trailer, it has that feel in some of the key scenes.

The other thing that strikes me is that it feels fresh and rather new, even if it does seem to touch on films we've seen before and genres that have always been well visited. The Big Bang stars a mix of talent, Antonio Banderas, Thomas Kretschmann, William Fichtner, Sienna Guillory, Sam Elliot, Delroy Lindo, James Van Der Beek, Snoop Dog, Bill Duke and Rebecca Mader.

The Big Bang seems packed with unusual characters who are going to deliver some very interesting and seemingly completely at odds plot lines, which I'm sure will come together in some strange and bizarre way, particularly that of the millionaire and his talk of the big experiment.

I'm not sure if this looks like it's going to be a huge film, but it does look like it's going to be an interesting one. Here's the blurb for The Big Bang:

Late one night, Los Angeles private investigator, Ned Cruz (Antonio Banderas) gets a visit from a recently paroled Russian boxer with an intriguing job offer: find Lexie, his missing girlfriend-and the 30-million dollar stash of diamonds she's hiding. As Detective Cruz sets out to find her, the clues send him into the city's seediest corners, from a Hollywood action star with a dirty little secret (James Van Der Beek), to an enterprising porn producer who takes a personal interest in his own work (Snoop Dogg), and a kinky waitress with an unusual fetish for particle physics (Autumn Reeser). Lexie proves to be as elusive as she is beautiful and Cruz becomes obsessed with finding her. With time running out, Cruz discovers the trail leads to reclusive billionaire (Sam Elliott), and his physicist (Jimmi Simpson), intent on recreating The Big Bang underneath the New Mexico desert. Tailed by a trio of cops also looking to find the missing diamonds, and with the body count piling up, Cruz soon realizes that what appeared to be a standard missing person's case is anything but, and could quite possibly bring about the end of the world as we know it.

Now, the all important trailer, where Antonio Banderas is looking like he might be on form, well for the brief amount of time he's on screen in it anyway, and what's this about Snoop doing a porn film? Dawson in some strange sexual liaison, and it just gets odder from there on.



I am right there with you, I totally felt the Sin City touch in certain scenes.

This trailer, if nothing else, has really piqued my curiosity.


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