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The Bourne Legacy continues

TheBourneLegacy.jpgHonestly, I thought the Bourne series would continue even without Paul Greengrass, but I was surprised that Matt Damon stuck to his guns and decided not to return without the second director of the series, I thought he would be more open to trying under another director. However the studio isn't so concerned about changing both of them out and continuing on.

Armed with their script from Tony Gilroy who is also set to direct, and a great choice that is too, they are looking to keep the franchise going but cleverly not to recast Bourne himself.

They're going to do this, going by what we know so far, but turning away from the main character and looking at other characters that he's brought to life by his uncovering of the group behind his existence as a trained killer.

Now I'm not sure if they are going to play the same cards and have a one of these trained and mind altered assassins come back to the real world suddenly and realise who he is, or if they might look at a time where the government have brought the programme back to life and are using them again, I'm not entirely sure. What I am clear on in my own mind is that they really shouldn't be just doing the same thing again but with another character - that means no memory loss, it's too close to the original Bourne and even if the character didn't have the same name, they would still be recasting.

Anyway, let's get to the point. I don't always mention rumours of who is getting tested for roles, but with Bourne I think it can be an interesting indication of the direction of the new film. Oh, and it doesn't necessarily mean that all these actors are trying for the same role, nor does it mean that they're trying for it at all, it's all rumour from "inside sources", those very unreliable voices.

Deadline tell us that Joel Edgerton, Dominic Cooper, Garrett Hedlund and Luke Evans are set to try out for the role with them suggesting that Logan Marshall-Green is another speculative choice with Shia LaBeouf and Taylor Kitsch are possible but are not testing and have merely been seen by the director. Of course that could have been for a coffee.

It's all rumours of course and none of it could be true, and personally I'm not really looking at any of these actors and thinking of the lead of a new Bourne film, how about you?

Actually I'm updating that, as I went through the profiles I'm thinking perhaps Edgerton and Evans could be up for the role.



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