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Transformers: Dark of the Moon promises weight

TransformersDarkoftheMoon.jpgWe've heard it a couple of times before but this third Transformers film, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, is promising more than the second film delivered, and more in a good way rather than the Hollywood "more" which would bring bigger, sillier and more robots.

No there are promises here about script, characters and story. Things I really do hope are going to be true.

There have been promises before that this script would be weighter and there would be more concentration on the characters and story, less on jokes and more on making it a bit more adult, factors I think the previous film did suffer from and only endeared it to kids like my nephews who love the frantic visual pace - they're not even teenagers yet so well below the usual demographic.

However with this re-iteration so close to the film and a few things that are coming to light, I think they might actually be speaking the truth, and perhaps this film might redeem itself for the adult audience, you remember, the ones who grew up with Transformers.

Let's see some of the promises of Transformers: Dark of the Moon that have come through an Empire Magazine article, TFW2005 and Latino Review. There are some key points, and any subscribers feel free to let me know what's behind them.

The first, and perhaps the most important, there will be no daft humour; it'll be a more serious and more adult film with a lot more weight behind the robot characters. That's actually a few bundled up together, but they are very important ones for me and they are what the previous film was lacking.

Robots are going to die and stay dead. We're being introduced to Sentinel Prime, the big brother and mentor of Optimus as well as a number of other new franchise marketing opportunities, I mean robots.

Finally, amongst all the other little announcements, the Army isn't getting involved in this one, it's all about the robots, although humans will be getting heavily involved as they can do a lot of sneaking around where the robots can't, something about size and detection don't you know.

The key areas for improvement seem to be addressed, if the article and the early reader who posted them are correct, more dramatic and character weight were missing, although the involvement of civilian forces wasn't a bad point for me as let's face it, no matter how ineffective we would be getting involved wouldn't we?

So jokes down, characters and dramatic weight up. That's got to make for a better Transformers film hasn't it?



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