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Wolverine 2 loses Aronofsky

Wolverine.jpgWell was this really a surprise? The surprise was that Darren Aronofsky was considering directing Wolverine 2, especially after X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

However he was fully intending to make the film, the thing that stopped him is that the production was going to be out of the country for a year and that meant he would be away from his family for that long, something he didn't want.

The comments from both 20th Century Fox and Darren Aronofsky are very positive and the split seems to be very amicable. He just couldn't do it, and that means Wolverine 2 is now up for grabs with directors, and questions will start being raised about how good the project is going to be.

Of course it's in a good starting position. Hugh Jackman has a lot of weight on the production and has been very positive in talking about how he wants the film to go and what he wants for the character. Meanwhile Christopher McQuarrie wrote the script, and considering the calibre of scripts he normally turns out then all is looking good.

What the production needs now is a strong director who can hold his own against the studio who will want all the usual silly action pieces and character moments to turn it into a sequel to the first film, and not what the first film should have been.

The story from Deadline is all about Aronofsky leaving the project but does mention why there have been so many delays, the latest being the fact that the film was to be shot in Japan.

I really do hope that they continue with that, conditions permitting that is, for it would help bring some money into the country and they could use it to focus some more attention on the events there. However the reality might be very different, it just might not be viable to do any filming there.

The project is far from lost though. Without Aronofsky things aren't dead, we just have to see what director is taken on board next.



First Robocop now The Wolverine, what are you doing to me Darren?! (Joking)


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